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Mark Alexander’s “Letter to an Eagle Scout” received broad support from Patriots across the nation last week. Mr. Alexander offered this postscript to that letter over the weekend:

By way of followup to my Letter to and Eagle Scout, if you are one of those who is “mixed” when it comes to opinions on the homosexual agenda, the strongest words against this BSA proposal would be Obama’s endorsement of it: “I think that, uh, you know, my attitude is, is that gays and lesbians should have, uh, access, and, and, opportunity, uh, the same way everybody else does, uh, in every institution and walk of life, and, um, you know, the, the scouts are a great institution, uh, that, are [sic], uh, promoting, uh, young people and exposing them to, uh, you know, opportunities, and, and, leadership, uh, that, you know, will serve people, uh, for the rest of their lives.” (For the record, the most distinct “poker tell” that betrays Obama’s efforts to deceive is his prolific use of “uh” when he is telling a lie that isn’t scripted from a teleprompter. Additionally, he was turning his head back and forth as to say “no” when answering “yes” to on this issue.)

After the national protest from BSA rank and file leaders and members, I would like to believe the BSA board will defeat the proposal to remove its proscription against avowed homosexuals. But then, as is often the case with national government, religious and civic “leadership,” most are insulated from the those they, ostensibly, serve. Consequently, too often their actions are wholly inconsistent with the positions of their constituents — on the arrogant assumption that they are much wiser than grassroots Americans. Thus, if the BSA board passes this measure, and straps the responsibility for enforcing this restriction on Councils nationwide, then every Council, chartering organization, Troop, sponsor, donor, and even Scout, will become subject to being labeled “bigots” by homosexual advocates in their Council area. Even if just one homosexual protests against a Council, that will be trumpeted in the local media, and the result will be a challenge to every organizational and support level of that Council.

For the record, over the past four years, Barack Obama has been signing Eagle certificates, even though for the first three of those four years he opposed homosexual marriage and open homosexual military service. Last year, Obama reversed his position on both counts. That leaves one to question from whom the BSA national board takes its orders. Some have suggested if the BSA board passes this measure to shift the burden to local Councils, Scouting as we know it will be gone in a decade. I must respectfully disagree — it will be gone in a year, not 10.

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