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Report: Iran, Hezbollah terror threat rising

Iran’s elite Quds Force and Hezbollah militants are learning from a series of botched terror attacks over the past two years and pose a growing threat to the U.S. and other Western targets as well as Israel, a prominent counterterrorism … Continue reading

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Promising substance for better cyanide antidote for terrorist attacks

In an advance toward closing a major gap in defenses against terrorist attacks and other mass casualty events, scientists are reporting discovery of a promising substance that could be the basis for development of a better antidote for cyanide poisoning. In … Continue reading

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Israeli planes destroy large Syrian military convoy on its way to Hezbollah

In the first overt outside military intervention in the Syrian civil war, twelve Israel Air Force planes early this morning attacked and destroyed a large Syrian military convoy carrying sophisticated anti-tank and anti-air craft Russian missiles to Hezbollah. The convoy … Continue reading

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