United Kingdom (Country threat level – 2)

Violence erupted at an anti-Islam rally in central Birmingham on 5 September 2009, as counter-demonstrators moved in and confronted the rally participants. Organizers from the right-wing English Defense League stated that the rally was called to protest against fundamental Islamic extremism in the United Kingdom. Anti-fascist groups that oppose the English Defense League also gathered nearby and accused the activists of racism, prejudice and discrimination against Muslims. Clashes broke out when police officers moved in to quell scuffles among the crowd. Authorities stated that 90 people, including English Defense League members and counter-demonstrators, were arrested for committing acts of violence and vandalism during the rally. Clashes erupted at a similar English Defense League rally held in Birmingham in August 2009. Additional police officers have reportedly been deployed throughout Birmingham to prevent any further unrest. Another English Defense League rally is scheduled to occur in Manchester in October 2009.

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