Frontiers of Junk Science: Electric Cars

As the “new and improved” Government Motors prepares its 2010 launch of the electronically powered Chevy Volt, which GM claims will get 230 miles per gallon, envirofascists are singing its praises. But in order to get the promised “40 miles of electronic only, petroleum-free driving,” Volt owners must plug the vehicle into the electric grid every day. Experts on both heavily populated coasts warn of the dangers of adding to an already over-taxed energy grid. Adam Victor, president of New York’s TransGas Energy, says, “If a few thousand well-meaning dupes plug a few thousand new Chevy Volts into electrical outlets (especially in urban centers), you could actually add millions of pounds of dangerous, dirty unregulated pollution and carbon into the air we breathe — possibly more pollution than would be offset by putting the Volts on the road.”

The Congressional Research Service agrees, pointing out that most U.S. electricity is not carbon free and that use of these vehicles may actually increase carbon emissions, hence the cleverly coined term “elsewhere emission vehicles.” Indeed, even those most indoctrinated by the Al Gore’s of the world have to see that this is only robbing Peter to pay Paul. In the meantime, other automakers are jumping on the bandwagon. Nissan is planning to launch the Leaf, which it claims will get 367 mpg, next year.

Finally, as The Washington Times notes , “There is an upside in that electric cars might give automobile companies cover to continue to make gas guzzlers. Under the latest federal Corporate Average Fuel Economy requirement, carmakers have to produce vehicle fleets that average at least 42 mpg by 2016. Companies with an average below that will have to pay a tax to the government. In order to avoid that tax, they will be willing to sell cars listed as having a high mpg at a loss. Each Volt sold will let GM sell nine cars that get 21 mpg without having to face the tax.” How convenient. But, the Times concludes, “If we can still have our Corvettes and Mustangs, the government can pretend the Leaf gets 1,000 mpg.”

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