Vendors worry posting of contracts will expose proprietary data (, 8/4/09)

Some vendors are concerned that the recent online publication of a contract proposal to overhaul the Web site could set a precedent to publish other proposals, and they are urging the government to be cautious about disclosing corporate or national security information. The General Services Administration released what is typically un-published pricing information, and technical and management proposals for the winning bid to renovate the Web site that monitors Recovery Act spending.
The practice worries some vendors and technology lobby groups. “I’m concerned that this is the wave of the future,” said Trey Hodgkins, vice president for national security and procurement policy at Tech America, an industry group in Washington. Disclosing the location of a defense project could jeopardize national security, Hodgkins noted. In addition, the accidental publication of employee names could sabotage a company or a government project, if a competitor poaches an employee with mission-critical skills.

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