Swine Flu: the latest impediment to one stop security by Philip Baum

For all our deliberations about enhancing passenger facilitation at airports and reducing the need for multiple checks by numerous government agencies, our best efforts are often stymied by the realities of trying to operate in the most global of all global industries. Aviation, by its very nature, brings together the best and the worst, the most confident and the most vulnerable, and the wealthiest and the poorest of society and places them, in close proximity to each other, in a single aluminium tube miles above the planet’s surface. Whilst we aim to cater for the business traveller and the tourist, the sportsman and the academic, we have to face the fact that we also transport criminals, deportees, anti-social drunkards, victims of human trafficking, psychologically disturbed individuals and those for whom air travel can transport them from destitution to the comparative lap of luxury. Other modes of transport have to contend with similar challenges, but usually only one at a time…….

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