Mexico (Country threat level – 3):

The Mexican military has increased its presence in Torreon following a series of recent drug-related clashes between security forces and gunmen that left at least seven people dead and eight others injured in recent days. Violent incidents were reported in the neighborhoods of Durangueña, El Consuelo, Las Almedas, San Isidro, Nuevo Mexico, El Tajito and Miguel Hildago. At one point, authorities issued a “red alert,” urging the city’s residents to stay in doors while they engaged a group of gunmen in hot pursuit in the La Rosita neighborhood. The military has reportedly established checkpoints on roads throughout the city, including on Avenida La Durangueña.

ASI Comment: While Torreon has not been immune to drug-related violence, the situation has traditionally not been as severe as in cities located along the U.S.-Mexico border such as Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez. The most recent incidents indicate a clear upward trend in the level of drug-related violence in the city. These incidents have not generally targeted foreigners, though they have greatly increased the collateral risk to bystanders. Given the high concentration of foreign companies in Torreon, the Mexican military and federal police officers are likely to send additional reinforcements to the city in the coming days in response to this trend.

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