Alarm raised over increase in Eurospies

 (Times Online, 2/12/09)

Keep an extra close eye on the stunning blonde with the long legs, EU bureaucrats were told yesterday. She might seem harmless, but the chances are that she is an agent for a foreign power. A growing number of spies are trying to get their hands on confidential EU documents using a range of guises including journalists, lobbyists, trainees on secondment and IT support workers.

As if to prove the scale of the problem, a top-secret internal memo setting out the threat of espionage was itself leaked yesterday. “Like any large-scale organisation which deals with confidential information, there are always people who endeavour to gain access to this information,” said Valerie Rampi, a European Commission spokeswoman. She said that the head of Belgian security confirmed that “there has been an increase in such activity” in and around the EU institutions.

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