Lego-Style Islamic Terrorist Figurine Sparks Outrage

 A Lego-style Islamic terrorist figurine has sparked outrage among Muslims and others.

The controversial toy mini-figure, made by American Will Chapman as part of his BrickArms line, is a masked militant with an assault rifle, grenade launcher and belt of explosives. The character is called “Bandit — Mr. White” and sells for $14.

Shocked by the plaything, British Muslim organization the Ramadhan Foundation has branded the figurine “absolutely disgusting.”

Chief executive Mohammed Shafiq said the toy is “glorifying terrorism.”

“I don’t think there’s any difference between someone that shouts hatred through a megaphone and someone that creates a doll that glorifies terrorists,” he said. “As a parent myself, I’m going to teach my children respect for the law and respect for each and every community.

“These are the lessons parents should be giving to their children — not lessons about weapons and violence.”

Father-of-three Chapman, whose company is based outside of Seattle, boasts on his Web site that his 9-year-old son gave him the idea for the toy line, which includes 31 different Lego-style weapons and 10 miniature militant figurines.,2933,461647,00.html

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