Colombia (Country threat level – 4):

 A meeting between President Alvaro Uribe and indigenous leaders did not take place as planned on 26 October 2008 due to a disagreement over the venue. Reports indicate that Uribe refused to meet the leaders at the Municipal Administrative Center of Cali due to security concerns; the leaders refused to change the venue. The meeting has been tentatively rescheduled for 2 November in Popayan, the capital of the department of Cauca. At least 40,000 indigenous protesters are currently in Cali, mainly in the Universidad de Valle area. Approximately 10,000 sugarcane workers are expected to arrive in the city on 27 October to join the protests. It is currently unclear how long the protesters intend to remain in the city. Travelers should continue to anticipate transportation disruptions and violent clashes between protesters and police officers.

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