ICE Accused of Tracking Immigrants at Head Start

 “Immigration enforcement officials are now targeting migrant and seasonal Head Start centers in some states as part of efforts to track down illegal immigrants, the executive director [and president] of the National Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Association [Yvette Sanchez] says …” according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “‘Since early 2007, many of our programs started to notice that Border Patrol of Immigration and Customs Enforcement vehicles were parked outside their centers, and some were following buses picking up children,’ she said.… Jason Ciliberti, supervisory Border Patrol agent in Washington, D.C., said it’s not the agency’s policy to stake out Head Start centers.” In May, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus gave ICE officials “a list of dates and places regarding ICE activities near migrant and seasonal Head Start programs in Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and New Mexico.… Migrant and seasonal Head Start programs operate in 39 states and serve more than 30,000 migrants and 3,000 [preschool] children of seasonal farm workers.”

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