Nigeria (Country threat level – 5):

Nigerian militants announced on 28 July 2008 that they successfully sabotaged two oil pipelines in Nigeria’s Rivers state. The two Niger Delta pipelines — located in Kula and Rumuekpe — are reportedly owned and operated by Royal Dutch Shell, and the company has announced that an investigation has been launched into the “incident” involving their pipelines. The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) militant group claimed responsibility for the attacks on the oil facilities. Although the attacks did not cause significant disruptions in oil supply, they did cause Shell to decrease production at one of the pipelines. The attacks come following MEND’s statement on 23 July that it would destroy oil pipelines in the Niger Delta region to prove that it had not been paid off by oil companies to stop its campaign of violence.

Nigeria’s National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) announced on 28 July 2008 that it will renew its currently suspended strike. The union initially launched a strike on 11 July over rising diesel prices and low salaries, but suspended the action on 13 July when the government agreed to negotiate to improve working conditions. However, because the union’s two-week suspension is set to expire on 28 July and no significant progress has yet been made on the union’s demands, protests are set to renew on 28 July and are expected to be at full-scale by 30 July. No details have yet been released on the proposed union actions during this strike; the initial strike caused long lines at filling stations due to the resultant nationwide fuel shortage

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