Lebanon (Country threat level – 4)

On 28 June 2008 a bomb exploded in an apartment complex in Tripoli, located approximately 43 mi/70 km north of Beirut. The explosion killed one person, seriously injured more than 28 others and caused heavy damage to the building and the surrounding area. The explosive device — equipped with a timer — was reportedly placed inside an elevator in the complex, which is located on Syria Street in the Bab Tabbaneh district; it exploded at approximately 0530 local time (0230 UTC). The neighborhood is predominantly Sunni (who typically support the ruling government coalition) and has been the site of recent unrest between supporters of rival political groups. Shortly after the explosion occurred, several people were injured by sniper fire, which reportedly came from a nearby neighborhood where opposition supporters reside. An investigation into the bombing continues, but no one has claimed responsibility for it as yet.

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