Georgia (Country threat level – 4)

 On 30 June 2008 the separatist region of Abkhazia announced the closure of its border with Georgia effective on 1 July, following several explosions in the region. Earlier on 30 June, two bombs exploded at a minibus stop near a market in the region’s capital of Sukhumi, injuring six people. On 29 June, two explosions occurred in Gagra, a resort located approximately 45 mi/75 km northwest of Sukhumi, injuring another six people. On 27 June, a local U.N. mission was also hit by a bomb, although that incident did not result in any injuries or damage. Abkhazian officials have blamed Georgian special forces for the incidents, a claim that Georgia subsequently denied. The developments come amid increasing tensions between Georgia and its separatist regions, as well as neighboring Russia, which maintains peacekeeping forces in those locations.

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