Congress Alarmed At Cyber-Vulnerability Of Power Grid (Forbes, 5/22/08)

Last June, the Department of Homeland Security leaked a video documenting a disturbing experiment. Using only digital means, researchers hacked into a power plant’s generator and caused it to cough and shake before shutting down in a cloud of black smoke. That clip, demonstrating what has since become known as the Aurora vulnerability, served as a wake-up call for regulators, highlighting the need to guard against cyber-security threats to critical infrastructure like power plants and the telecom system.But at a recent congressional hearing, members of the House Committee on Homeland Security warned that those regulatory bodies aren’t moving fast enough. “I think we could search far and wide and not find a more disorganized response to a national security issue of this import,” said Rep. James Langevin (D-R.I.), chairman of the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity and Science and Technology. He pointed a finger to several groups including the DHS and the power industry for working too slowly to mitigate the threat.

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