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2008 Homeland Security Science & Technology Stakeholders Conference East,

  S&T Conference, June 2-5, in Washington, DC, begins in less than one week.  The S&T Directorate is interested in receiving input from Homeland Security professionals and organizations that can supply new or improved products and capabilities to its customers … Continue reading

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Records detail security failure in base file theft (SD Union-Tribune, 5/22/08)

A group suspected of stealing secret files on potential terrorists in San Diego and elsewhere apparently operated with impunity from one of Camp Pendleton’s most heavily guarded buildings, newly obtained court records and investigative reports show. Its members – military … Continue reading

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Congress Alarmed At Cyber-Vulnerability Of Power Grid (Forbes, 5/22/08)

Last June, the Department of Homeland Security leaked a video documenting a disturbing experiment. Using only digital means, researchers hacked into a power plant’s generator and caused it to cough and shake before shutting down in a cloud of black … Continue reading

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Feds encrypt 800,000 laptops; 1.2 million to go (Network World, 5/22/08)

U.S. government agencies are scrambling to plug one of their biggest security holes: sensitive information — names, addresses and Social Security numbers, for example — stored on laptops, handhelds and thumb drives. In the last year, agencies have purchased 800,000 … Continue reading

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China (Country threat level – 3)

Officials reported that they halted services on a major subway line that circles Beijing on two separate occasions on 28 May 2008, citing unspecified emergencies. Local media sources stated later that the No.2 line was suspended due to technical issues. … Continue reading

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Sweden (Country threat level – 2)

 On 20 May 2008 the U.S. Embassy in Stockholm issued the following Warden Message: “The U.S. Embassy in Stockholm alerts American citizens residing in and traveling to Sweden that the Iraq Compact Annual Review Conference will take place in Stockholm … Continue reading

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China (Country threat level – 3)

 On 21 May 2008 the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) stated that — in addition to other potential terrorist threats — there is a risk of a “dirty bomb” attack at the Beijing Olympics in August. The IAEA stated that … Continue reading

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Sudan (Country threat level – 4)

On 14 May 2008 the U.S. Embassy in Khartoum issued the following Warden Message for Sudan: “This Warden Message is being issued to alert U.S. citizens of the need to exercise increased caution when traveling within the greater Khartoum area. … Continue reading

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Kazakhstan (Country threat level – 3)

 Police officials in the town of Semey, located in the East Kazakhstan province, recently announced that they arrested a suspected suicide bomber. Reports on this development emerged on 14 May 2008. The man — a citizen of Uzbekistan who has … Continue reading

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Audit: DEA intelligence analysts lacking security clearances

(AP, 5/5/08)Twelve percent of the DEA’s intelligence analysts last year did not have the security clearances necessary or were otherwise unauthorized to do their jobs, a new Justice Department audit concludes. The audit says the Drug Enforcement Administration was slow … Continue reading

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