FBI Wiretaps Track Cellphone Location

(Washington Post) “Electronic connections between telecom firms and FBI monitoring personnel around the country … are used to tell the government who is calling whom, along with the time and duration of a conversation and even the locations of those involved,” reports the Washington Post. “… the FBI has created a network of links between the nation’s largest telephone and Internet firms and about 40 FBI offices” that allow “authorized FBI agents and analysts, with point-and-click ease, to receive e-mails, instant messages, cellphone calls and other communications that tell them not only what a suspect is saying, but where he is and where he has been … Wiretaps to obtain the content of a phone call or an e-mail must be authorized by a court upon a showing of probable cause. But ‘transactional data’ about a communication—from whom, to whom, how long it lasted—can be obtained by simply showing that it is relevant to an official probe, including through an administrative subpoena known as a national security letter.” [View article]

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