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2006 Airliner Plot Mastermind Is Missing

Rashid Rauf, a British citizen and alleged mastermind of the 2006 plot “to bring down 10 airliners in mid-Atlantic,” reportedly has “escaped from Pakistani custody,” reports the Guardian. But “Rauf may still be in custody” at a secret detention center, … Continue reading

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Gadhafi Son Linked to Iraq Attack

“A devastating explosion in northern Iraq was spearheaded by foreign fighters under the sponsorship of Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, son of the Libyan leader,” reports the Associated Press. “… the Anbar Awakening Council had alerted the U.S. military to the possible … Continue reading

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Russia Says Terrorist Attack Is Imminent

“A counter-terrorist operation has been launched in parts of [Russia’s] Republic of Ingushetia due to the threat of an imminent large-scale terrorist attack, Russia’s Federal Security Service” said on January 25, reports the Russian News and Information Agency Novosti. The … Continue reading

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Urgent Manhunt Across Europe for Terror Plotters

A “manhunt that began in Spain for suspected terror cell members has now extended to France and other European Union countries,” reports ABC News. Spain says “that there are three cell members they are urgently searching for and that the … Continue reading

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Bush Order Expands Network Monitoring

) “President Bush signed a directive [last] month that expands the intelligence community’s role in monitoring Internet traffic to protect against a rising number of attacks on federal agencies’ computer systems,” reports the Washington Post. The classified directive “authorizes the … Continue reading

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U.S. Weathers ‘Cyber Storm’ in Exercise

“Dozens of detailed, mock disasters [confronted] officials rapid-fire in the U.S. government’s biggest-ever ‘Cyber Storm’ war game, according to hundreds of pages of heavily censored files obtained by The Associated Press. The Homeland Security Department ran the exercise [last year] … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Sensors Detect Radiation

Researchers at Purdue University are working with the state of Indiana to develop a system that would use a network of cell phones to detect and track radiation to help prevent terrorist attacks with radiological “dirty bombs” and nuclear weapons. … Continue reading

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DHS Releases National Response Framework

The Homeland Security Department, after months of review and public comment, on Tuesday released the National Response Framework, successor to the National Response Plan. The framework focuses on response and short-term recovery and articulates the doctrine, principles, and architecture by … Continue reading

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Military and Four States Plan Disaster Drills

U.S. Joint Forces Command and Northern Command are planning a series of computer-based disaster drills with” Indiana, Oregon, Texas, and Virginia “this year as part of their Noble Resolve 2008 preparedness exercises,” reports Government Computer News. “The drills are intended … Continue reading

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Hackers Cut Cities’ Power

“Tom Donahue, a CIA official, revealed [on Jan. 18] at the SANS security trade conference in New Orleans that hackers have penetrated power systems in several regions outside the U.S., and ‘in at least one case, caused a power outage … Continue reading

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