Turkey Threat Level 4

Turkey (Country threat level – 4): On 28 December 2007 the U.S. Consulate General in Istanbul issued the following Warden Message: “This Warden Message is to advise Americans that two New Years events in Istanbul have been cancelled; one in Kadikoy Square (Asian side), and the other in Taksim Square (European side). Turkish media reported that the Kadikoy event was cancelled due to security concerns. In the aftermath of Turkish cross-border operations against the KGK/PKK, security has been increased throughout Turkey. In Istanbul, random incidents of arson against vehicles have occurred, a KGK/PKK terrorist was captured by police outside an Istanbul Metro Station in Mecidiyekoy, and in Kucukcekemece District one person was killed and six were injured when a device exploded in a garbage container approximately 100 meters from a local police station. U.S. citizens should continue to maintain a high level of vigilance as a matter of routine.

“Facilities such as shopping centers, public markets, hotels, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, schools, and outdoor recreation events and resorts are potential targets both for demonstrations and for attacks by terrorist groups. U.S. citizens should remain in a heightened state of personal security awareness if they need to be present at such locations. Furthermore, U.S. citizens should be vigilant when using public transportation in Turkey, as these networks have been targeted in the past.”

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