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Firefighters Trained to Look for Signs of Terrorism

“Firefighters in major U.S. cities are being trained to take on a new role as lookouts for terrorism, raising concerns of eroding their standing as trusted American icons and infringing on people’s privacy,” reports the Associated Press. “Unlike police, firefighters … Continue reading

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Investigators Easily Get Access to Cellphone Data

“Federal officials are routinely asking courts to order cellphone companies to furnish real-time tracking data so they can pinpoint the whereabouts of drug traffickers, fugitives and other criminal suspects,” reports the Washington Post. “… In some cases, judges have granted … Continue reading

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Syrian Nuclear Cover-Up Suspected After Israeli Raid

Syria has removed all traces of a building targeted by a mysterious Israeli air attack last month, fuelling speculation that the structure may have concealed a partially-completed nuclear installation,” reports the London Guardian. “… Experts said [that satellite] photos indicate … Continue reading

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Al-Qaeda Hacker Attack Predicted for Nov. 11

An Israeli Web site [DEBKAfile (; see the Aug. 17 newsletter] is warning that al Qaeda hackers will attack Western, Jewish, Israeli, Muslim apostate, and Shiite Web sites starting on Sunday, November 11th,” according to InformationWeek. “‘… al Qaeda is … Continue reading

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Cole Bomber Walks Free

Jamal al-Badawi, “a fanatic Yemeni follower of Osama bin Laden,” who “was involved in the suicide bombing of the USS Cole” and had “confessed to planning virtually every detail of the bombing … is now a free man,” reports Newsweek. … Continue reading

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