In Germany, Assault on a School and a Plot Against Another

“German police say they have thwarted a plot by two students to carry out a massacre at” Georg-Buechner high school in Cologne, reports the British Broadcasting Corporation. Rolf B., “aged 17, committed suicide after being questioned about the plot and his alleged accomplice, [Robin G.], 18, is under arrest … the suspects were spotted by classmates studying pictures of the [1999 U.S.] Columbine school massacre.” They “had planned to attack” their school on November 20. “Air guns and crossbows were later found during searches at the suspects’ homes. A possible hit list of students and teachers was also discovered.” But Robin G. told police “that the two had abandoned their plans [five] weeks ago,” reports Agence France-Presse. “… His claim was backed up by analysis of computers seized from their home.” At Geschwister Scholl school in Emsdetten, a gunman, “reported to have been a former pupil of the school, apparently killed himself as police circled the building” on November 20, after he stormed the school, “injuring a teacher and several pupils,” reports the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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