Arab Immigrants Riot Again in France

On Monday “a mob of angry youths torched the library in” Villiers-le-Bel “during a second night of rioting,” reports the Washington Post. Youths “went on a rampage after two teenagers were killed Sunday night when the motorbike they were riding collided with a police cruiser.… 22 youths were detained.… ‘The young guys who live here have no future,’ said [Serge] Lotterie, [a] town council member. ‘If you want to work in Charles de Gaulle’—the nearby international airport—‘and if you’re from Villiers-le-Bel, you’re black and your name is Mohammed, there’s no chance.’ More than 100 police officers were injured—five seriously—in pitched street fights here and in five other communities north of Paris on Sunday and Monday nights,” and “about 80 cars were set afire Monday night.”

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