‘Fortress America’: How the U.S. Is Reshaping Its Southern Border

The U.S. government’s plan to stem the tide of illegal immigrants “will lead to the biggest border prison boom in decades, create the federal government’s largest enforcement arm, and literally remake the landscape of the country’s 2,000-mile southern border,” according to a four-part report in the Denver Post.

  • Fortress America: “As the U.S. builds walls and trains agents to bar its southern door from the rush of illegal immigrants, some see only a policy of prison shackles and razor wire.”
  • Building a Border: “U.S. officials want to make the 2,000-mile southern frontier inhospitable to crossers. But terrain, weather and human ingenuity have been tough on the technology.”
  • Criminal Crossing: “Border sections in Arizona and Texas are hot zones for apprehensions, where the threat of long jail terms is replacing ‘the inconvenience of getting caught.’”
  • Moving Targets: “It’s a game of cat and mouse along the border, and it’s costing more to play. In the end, the U.S. wins if poor migrants are priced out of the smuggling market.”

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