Fighting the Network

To the casual observer, or consumer of network news, it would seem the Iraq situation has not changed. We are fed the impression that the US military must be incompetent, poorly led, with the wrong political objective and strategy because the bombing, kidnappings and assassinations continue.
Nothing could be further from the truth. The Iraq situation has changed dramatically since 2004. For every move to counter the insurgency the military makes, the opposition adapts and changes quickly. They have a goal: to drive Iraq into chaos, drive the US out, and re-establish a Taliban-like Islamist state. They are smart, dedicated and ruthless. They have never read the Geneva Convention. They know that if they blow up either kids, policemen, Mosques or soldiers it all gets on TV news and works to erode the political will of this country. They know that America today is not the America that won WWII. They are counting on it. It is painful to loose even one soldier or marine. It was painful to loose 3,000 people, and the World Trade Center. But this is a war of necessity and attrition. In this war our population is a target as are our cities, schools and industries, even you and me. We must understand this enemy, and defeat it within our own moral framework. The only way we can do that is with a bigger, better and faster network, and the will to change and persevere.

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