Fighting terrorism : how democracies can defeat domestic and international terrorists

This incisively written sequel to the author’s Terrorism: How the West Can Win (Farrar, 1986) could not be more topical or timely. Netanyahu, former Israeli deputy foreign minister and U.N. ambassador and currently a Likud party candidate for prime minister, is a recognized terrorism expert. Notwithstanding its polemical tone, his cogent analysis is sobering and disquieting. Netanyahu traces the roots of and reasons for the current resurgence of domestic and international terrorism, decrying the international community’s failure to take what he considers to be the necessary actions to combat it. Confident that the battle against it can be won, he offers a prescription predicated on increased Western resolve, vigilance, and cooperation spearheaded by the United States. Although there are those who will find some recommendations unpalatable for democratic societies, few readers will be unaffected by this provocative and impassioned exhortation to action. Highly recommended for all collections.–David Ettinger, George Washington Univ. Lib., Washington,

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