International Response to Hurricane Katrina

At least 87 countries offered assistance to the United States for Hurricane Katrina relief, according to Wikipedia. Cash pledges ranged from $5,000 (Hungary) to $500 million (Kuwait). Some other offers of assistance follow:

.Bangladesh offered to send 160 disaster management experts, including doctors, nurses, and engineers
.Belgium offered three medical teams, a civil engineering team, and equipment
.Canada offered 35 divers, four ships, three helicopters, and air transportation
.China offered $5 million plus 1,000 tents, 600 generators, and other supplies
.Cuba offered to send 1,586 doctors and 26 tons of medicine
.El Salvador offered to send troops to help keep order in New Orleans
.France offered two ships, eight planes, 95 personnel, 600 tents, 1,000 beds, and other supplies
.Germany offered 25 tonnes of food plus disaster relief supplies and personnel
.Honduras offered 135 flooding and sanitation experts
.Indonesia offered 200 medical personnel and 10,000 blankets
.Ireland offered 30 personnel plus supplies
.Mexico sent 196 troops, 14 truckloads of water, a mobile surgical unit, 45 military vehicles, 3 tons of purified water, and more than 250 tons of food, bottled water, canned food, disposable diapers, and medical supplies
.The Netherlands sent a ship with supplies, personnel, and equipment
.Russia sent four planeloads of equipment and personnel
.The United Kingdom sent 500,000 ration packs and offered personnel and equipment

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